Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Adjust/Delete Erroneously Issued Duplicate Invoice that has an Attached Revenue Recognition Schedule and Journal.

Instance when the company erroneously issued duplicate invoice hence they need to adjust/delete one. However, the said duplicate invoice has an attached revenue recognition schedule and journal. Since there are child records associated to the duplicate invoice, this can no longer be deleted.

The following steps will adjust the duplicate invoice and the related revenue recognized:

1. Create a journal to reverse the duplicate invoice. Ensure that the Customer is referenced to the journal by selecting the customer name under the Name column.
2. Apply the journal to the duplicate invoice. This will make the duplicate invoice have a status of Paid In Full.

2.1. Navigate to Transactions > Customers > Accept Customer Payments
2.2 Select the Customer
2.3 Under the Invoice tab, mark the box for the duplicate invoice
2.4 Hit the Credits tab and mark the box for the reversing journal
2.5 Click Save

3. Reverse the recognized revenue for the duplicate invoice by creating another journal. The total recognized revenue amount can be seen on the Revenue Recognition Schedule link on the duplicate invoice.
4. To stop recognizing revenue for the duplicate invoice, mark the Is Recognized box for future periods on the Revenue Recognition Schedule.


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