Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Check Shipping Cost in UPS Website.

To check shipping cost in UPS website, perform the following:

1.    Login to UPS website  to get real time rate.

2.    Click Detailed Time and Cost.

3.    Enter the zip code where items are shipped from and shipped to.

4.    If it will be sent to a residential address, mark  Residential Address, otherwise, mark Commercial Address.  Note that shipping to residential address is more expensive.

5.    Enter the number of package shipment.

6.    Choose My Packaging if a default package is set on Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Packages tab.

7.    Enter the weight of the order (weight of item + weight of package).

8.    On Package Dimensions, enter the dimension set for the package on Setup > Accounting > Shipping > Packages tab. If dimension is unknown, the standard UPS dimension is 12 x 12 x 3. (Actual dimensions/weight provides more accurate cost.)

9.    If Insure Packages on Setup > Accounting > Shipping is marked, enter the amount on Declare Value box.

10.  Mark I will drop off my prepaid package(s) at a UPS location, or give my package(s) to my UPS driver.

11.  Mark Yes on Do you have a Daily Pickup?

12.  Click Next to generate the real time rate.


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