Friday, September 7, 2018

Client Side Performance Causes

This article documents some of the main causes of poor client performance and how they can be addressed.

When the Page, Email, Time(PET) performance popup is examined, it is found that the client side is the cause of the performance problem:
Total   1.688
Server   0.323 (19.14%)
Network   0.224 (13.27%)
Client   1.141 (67.59%)
Page   /app/crm/support/
Time   12/3/20xx 6:18 pm GMT +5


How to check

Some Solutions

Computer does not have enough resources to handle all the application.

Please note the following:

· Some NetSuite related tasks require intensive resources. For example: Creating a sales order with 200 Items.

· There are no universal requirements for the amount of RAM or speed of a computer needs to run NetSuite. The requirements are dependent on how the system is being used and the other applications running on the computer. The computer might be able to run NetSuite but is not powerful enough to run NetSuite with your VOIP application or is powerful enough to run your VOIP application and NetSuite but not creating a sales order that contains 200 line items.

Check the task manager. Under the performance tab check how much of RAM/CPU is being used.

To check the application that is using the most client machine resources:

· click on the processes tab

· Click on memory usage to sort the processes based on memory usage.

· Try to close all the unneeded applications.

· If some of these applications are required to be open, consider increasing computer resources.

· Always check the health of the client machine by checking for spyware that could be using resources.

Browser related problems:

· Some problems may appear in one browser and not in another. For example if you load sales orders on IE7, page will be slower than on FireFox. Some of the reasons for this are browser configuration, security defenders, and individual browsers add-ons.

· Test on different browsers. User can install FireFox on the computer for free to perform this check

· Check the Add-on on the browser

· Check the browser configuration

·  Verify using another machine in the office and in a different location
or verfiy through reps PC using Webex

· Configure the browser settings. This may include Browser Cache, Security level etc.

· Check the Security Defender (Anti Spyware/Virus/Phishing) firewalls. Some of these applications check the page before loading it on your browser which will cause a huge delay.

· What add- ons have been installed on the browser? Some of these add-ons will cause a browser related problems. Try to eliminate these add-ons to identify the cause of the problem

It is highly recommend to contact the IT department or IT consultant to assist.

Resource Intensive NetSuite Page:

· Some pages in NetSuite will take longer to load than other pages. For example, loading a sales order page may take more time than a customer record. A non-standard form takes more time to load than a standard form. Users in sales department experience longer client machine time than the users in the support department.

· The main reason for this is that some page/ forms contain more client operations than others. For example additional sourcing on page load etc

· How many custom formula fields are on the form?

· Test with a standard NetSuite form

· Check to see if there is a custom script that is causing the slowness.

· Home> Set Preferences > General > Optimizing NetSuite: Check that check box

· Check custom fields to see which one is causing the delay.

· Check any custom scripts

· If the problem is happening for one department only, are the forms they are using are different? What is different and could be causing the problem

It is highly recommend to contact the NetSuite Administrator or the person who preformed the customization to be able to identify the reason why the code is resource intensive.

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