Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Communicate MOTO and E-Commerce Transactions to Worldpay.

To process Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) and E-Commerce transactions in Worldpay through NetSuite, consider the following:

1. Users have to contact Worldpay and request for a Merchant ID which will process only MOTO accounts. For E-Commerce transactions, request for a separate Merchant ID which will process only E-commerce transaction.

2. There is no need to request for a new XML account configuration. The XML password used for the E-commerce account setup in NetSuite is also the XML password for the MOTO Account setup in Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing > Add Worldpay Account.

Note: For E-commerce account, the 3D Secure box needs to be checked while for the MOTO account the 3D Secure box should be unchecked.

Worldpay phone number:
For US Payments: 1-800-200-5965



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