Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Create Sales Order, Invoice or Cash Sale for Inactive Customer

To create a transaction (e.g. Sales Order, Invoice and Cash Sale) for an inactive customer record, perform the following:

1.      Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Customers.

2.      Click View next to the customer record set as inactive. Make sure that Show Inactives footer is marked.

3.      Click Sales tab.

4.      Click the appropriate buttons (New Sales Order, New Cash Sale, New Invoice) to create a transaction.

Transactions created are treated like they were created from an active customer. If an invoice is created, the same is displayed in the Aging report and AR register. If a sales order is created, the status of the sales order is either Pending Approval or Pending Fulfillment. On the other hand, Cash sales may be deposited.

Note: Enhancement 111345 requests for the ability to restrict creation of transactions from an inactive customer record.



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