Monday, September 17, 2018

Display Fedex Ground Shipping Method on the Webstore

Here are guidelines to make sure that Fedex Ground Shipping is displayed as a Shipping Method at the webstore:
1. For existing customer records that have access to the webstore, make sure that the shipping address is not residential.
     a. Navigate  to List > Relationships > Customer.
     b. Edit a customer record that has webstore access
     c. Click the Address tab.
     d. Select the Shipping Address.
     e. Un-check the Residential Address box.
2. For new customer who registers in the web store, there is a Shipping preference that will set addresses as residential by default. This is Residential Address for Shipping.
     a. Navigate to Set up > Accounting > Shipping.
     b. Click the Preferences tab.
     c. At the Rates section, the Residential Address for Shipping preference should not be checked.

Note: FedEx home Delivery will be the available shipping method if the customer's address is residential.


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