Monday, September 17, 2018

eBay Customer Who Filed a Support Case Do Not Receive Support Rep Reply

The user has the following setup in NetSuite and in eBay:

  • Inbound Case Capture is enabled
  • is the customer
  • is the seller
  • The email address used by the seller in eBay,, is the same email address they used for Inbound Case Capture

1. goes to eBay, searches for and then clicks Contact Member.

2. sends a message to through eBay.

3. In Netsuite, a case is created with a subject of userA has sent a message.

4. At the same time, the same email is sent to

5. Support rep grabs and edits the case. Note that the TO email address on the case is set to and not to

6. Support Rep replies to the case but no email is sent to

7. Seller logs in to his Gmail account, and replies to the email notification he received.

8. Seller receives a notification from eBay informing him that the message was not sent successfully because the (To) email address is not a registered email address in eBay. Actual Message:

Oops. We weren't able to send your message to userA, because the email address you used to send this message,, isn't linked to your eBay account.

The case created in NetSuite is just a notification from eBay that another user (eBay customer) sent userB a message. The case was created since the email address used by the seller in his eBay account is the same email address they used for Inbound Case Capture.

To reply to the email, the seller needs to click on the Respond button from the email notification sent by eBay or needs to log in to his eBay account and reply to the message.

The email that the customer received is a bounced email notification since the email was not delivered to the intended recipient.

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