Thursday, September 13, 2018

Error Message: "Passwords do not match", is Returned when Editing an Entity Record in Firefox

The User is unable to edit an entity record in Firefox due to error message: "Passwords do not match, even though the password was not changed for the record."

This is caused by the Remember Passwords feature in FireFox interacting with the password field in the Access tab of entity records. This preference has to be turned off before the user can edit the entity record successfully. To turn of the preference, perform the following steps:

     1. Open Firefox.
     2. Navigate to Tools > Options.
     3. Click the Security tab.
     4. Under Passwords section, uncheck Remember passwords for site.

  • Note:  Optionally users can remove/remove all saved passwords by clicking the Saved Passwords button
     5. Click Privacy tab.
     6. Click clear all current history link.
     7. Check all options.
     8. Click Clear Now.
     9. Click OK.


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