Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Expense Report: The system is auto populating an amount in the “Advance To Apply” field every time an Expense Report is generated for an employee.

An amount will automatically populate on the Advance To Apply field if there is a debit balance in the Advances paid Account associated with the employee.


You can customize the Transaction Detail Report so that you can view the list of Employees with a balance in the Advances Paid Account:

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial > Transaction Detail > Customise.

2. Navigate to Edit Columns

3. Click on the Name column > Click the Move column (with the right arrow) so that you can move the Employee name in the first column.

4. Click the Type Column > Click Group With Previous Column

5. Go to the Filters tab.

6. Click the Transaction folder > Click Account (Line) > equal to > Advances paid

7. Click Preview

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