Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to find out the PayFlow SDK version NetSuite is currently usingfor processing credit card transactions.

1.      Open a browser to and log in to your Payflow Pro Gateway account.


2.      Click on the Reports link in the navigation menu at the top of the page, just below the "PayPal Manager" banner.



3.      Click on the Daily Activity link under the "Standard" banner.



4.      You are now on the Daily Activity Report page.  The Date field will default to today's date.  Choose a date on which you know there were transactions processed via Payflow Pro, then click the "Run Report" button to display them.  Depending on the number of transactions you had on the day you selected, the report may finish quickly or take several minutes.



5.      Once the report is completed, you will see a list of transactions.  Click on any one Transaction ID that was processed via Payflow Pro to display the details of that transaction.



6.      On the Transaction Details page, there will be a field named Client Version in the "Additional Information" section of the page.  This is the number that shows what version of the Payflow SDK was used for this transaction.  


Alternatively, if user knows the PN ref# of the last credit card transaction, user can just follow these steps instead:

1.        After logging in to Click "Search Transactions" tab.

2.        Enter the PN ref#  of the last credit card transaction in the "Transaction ID" field and click submit. This will bring user to "Transaction Details" page.

3.        Scroll down to "Additional Information" section and there user will know the Payflow SDK version  in the "Client Version" field.


Note: As of this time, NetSuite is using SDK Client Version: 4.3.1. This may change in the future as PayPal updates it regularly just like any other SDK's.



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