Sunday, September 16, 2018

Identify if a Form has a Client-Side SuiteScript

When checking if a form has a Client-Side SuiteScript installed on it, the usual step is to go to the NetSuite user-interface and navigate to:


CustomizationScripting > Scripted Records.


There is a shortcut on doing this by simply loading the form and viewing the source in the browser.


Quickest way to find out if there is a script on the form:


View the source in the following browsers by:

Internet Explorer: View > Source (Alt + V, C)

Mozilla Firefox: View > Page Source (Ctrl + U)

Google Chrome: Click the paper icon > Developer > View Source (Ctrl + U)

Safari: Click the paper icon > View Source (Ctrl + Alt + U)


A new page will be open in a browser, scroll down the bottom of the page and look for a line similar to:


<script type='text/javascript' src='/core/media/'></script> 


When a script declaration is present in the bottom of the page this only means that the form has a custom client-code deploy on it. When using a Firefox or a Google Chrome, this line is presented as a link. Click the link to load and view the Javascript code. For Internet Explorer and Safari, copy the link and paste it in the browser's address bar.


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