Thursday, September 13, 2018

Include Item Option / Option column from Sales Order in Custom Sales Order Pending Fulfillment Report


·        View a Sales Order transaction

·        Option column has field values fortransaction line items

·        Navigate to Reports > Order Management > Open Sales Orders > Customize

·        User can view all Matrix Item Options the under the Edit Columns tab > OpenSales Order folder and select them one by one

·        These will show up as individual columns in the report


·        There is no option for user to just choose one Item Option column in the report to view the Sales Order : Options columnfield values




·        Enhancement# 128964 : Reports > Sales Orders - ability to add acolumn for Item Option or be able to pull up Option column values into a customtransaction column field and use this field in the Sales Order report


Alternate Solution:

1.    Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches> New > Transactions

2.    Set these filters under the Criteria tab >Standard sub tab

Type= is Sales Order

Status= Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment

AccountType= Income

3.   Add these fields underthe  Results tab >Columns sub tab:



4.   Rename the search

5.   Hit Preview or Saveand Run



·        This works if there isonly one Item Option

·        If an Sales Ordertransaction line item has two or more Item Options, no information ispopulated on the Option column of the search

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