Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Items are not appearing in the Inventory Distribution Page

Once the Multi-Location Inventory feature is enabled, users are required to distribute inventory before entering any inventory transactions.  To do this, navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Distribute Inventory.

For items not listed, it may be due to one or more of the following:

1. The item has existing transactions dated after the distribution date.


1.       Item A Last Transaction = Invoice dated 01/10/2015.

2.       Item B Last Transaction = Invoice dated 12/31/2014.


NOTE: If you turn on MLI and distribute inventory the same day (01/14/2015), both items will appear in the Inventory Distribution Page. But if you turn on MLI today and date the Inventory Distribution for 01/09/2015, only Item B will appear since there are transactions for Item A dated after the Inventory distribution date.

2. The item is Inactive. 
3. The item has have null or 0 quantity on hand as of distribution date.
(NOTE: Items with a zero quantity on hand will not appear on this page but will be silently distributed while items with a negative quantity on hand will appear on the list but can not be distributed.)

4. The item has no transactions under the Related Records tab. 

5. The item has transactions in the Related Records tab but are non-posting transactions such as purchase orders or sales orders. 

For scenario 4 and 5, even if the items are not included in the list, these are silently distributed

If after checking all information above and the items still didn't appear, this might be a probable defect.




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