Monday, September 10, 2018

Limit on the Number of Locations

IfMulti-Location Inventory (MLI) feature is disabled, there is no limit to thenumber of Locations that can be created via Setup > Company > Locations.

If Multi-Location Inventory (MLI) feature is enabled, users may have upto a maximum of 100 location records only. The said number of locationsinclude those that were created prior to enabling MLI.  The 100 LocationLimit only applies to ACTIVE location records. Thus, INACTIVE Locations doNOT count against the total Location limit.

Users may opt to inactivate the other location records that are nolonger used in order to create new location records in the system.

Ifthere is a valid need to increase this limit and existing locations cannotbe set as inactive,

Enable Advanced Item Location Configuration feature. 

a. Navigateto Setup> Company > Enable Features > Items & Inventory tab.

b. Markthe checkbox for Advanced Item Location Configuration feature.



Enabling the said feature will allow the user to create more than 100 locations.  No limit has been set yet on the number of locations that can be created.   Performance will improve as users may filter data display in item records based on location attributes.

This feature will restrict users from updating Item Location Attribute fields of item records viaCSV Import and Web Services.  Enhancement Request#451595 has been filed for thislimitation.  

If there is still a need to update Location fieldvalues in the item record, use "Duplicate" or "Duplicate Multiple Locations" functions for mass updates after enabling the feature.  Please refer to the following SuiteAnswers :

 Answer ID 67361 : Duplicate Item Attributes from a Single Location

 Answer ID 67362 : Duplicate Item Attributes from Multiple Locations

Once this feature is enabled and there are 100+ active locations set,it cannot be disabled.

Should you choose to have more than 100 locations but prefer tokeep Item Location Configuration feature disabled, you may contactNetSuite Customer Support. 

Forusers, maximum limit is reached whenusers receive a notice or warning message when creating a New Location record(under Setup > Company > Locations > New)stating:

"You have reached the maximum allowance of 100 location records. Tocreate additional locations, an administrator must enable the Advanced ItemLocation Configuration feature".

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