Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Locate a Bank Reconciliation Placed on Hold

To locate a bank reconciliation that has been placed on hold, perform the following: 

1.    Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Accounts.

2.    Click on the Bank Account in question which brings users to the register.

3.    Scroll down the list of entries and look in the Reconcile Date column and the CLR column.

4.    If you see an entry that has a Reconcile Date value but does not have a check mark in the CLR column, then this more than likely is the date of the Bank Reconciliation that was put on hold.

5.    Navigate to Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank statement:
Select the account in question.
- Enter the date based on your findings in Point 4. This displays the details of the bank reconciliation that was placed on hold.

6.    If the Bank Reconciliation was entered incorrectly with the wrong date and users want to remove it, perform the following:
- Click Unmark All to clear what was previously selected
- Set the Ending Statement Balance to the same value as the Last Reconciled Balance
- Click Save

Note: This saves the incorrect reconciliation but is basically an empty one. This made the Ending Statement Balance equal to the Last Reconciled Balance. Be that as it may, succeeding bank reconciliations will now have the correct Last Reconciled Balance.


7.    If the Bank Reconciliation was entered correctly, proceed to finish and check off any other records that need to be reconciled.

Note: If customers would like to have a better way to find bank reconciliations that are on hold, attach their case to Enhancement 107843: Transactions > Bank > Reconcile Bank Statement > Add a field for Reconciliation Status which will note if the Statement is on Hold or Saved and be able to Search on this Status field for Reporting and Searching capabilities

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