Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Look for the Transactions for a Serial Number that is not ShowingUnder the Item Record After MLI is Enabled

Customer is looking for aserial number under the item record but serial number is not showing.


Customer would like to seethe transactions that have been made for that serial number.


The reason for this is that the customer has used this serial number even before enabling MLI. Upon having MLI enabled, this serial number would not show in the item record as it does not have any location to refer to. It will not show up even though the Location drop down is set to null or to any location that they have.


A saved transaction searchcan be created to show the transactions made for this serial number, below arethe steps:


1.      Go to Lists > Search> Saved Searches > New > Transactions

2.      Criteria > Standard >Filter: Serial/Lot Number=enter the appropriate serial number

3.      Results > Columns >Fields: Date




      4. Preview the search


The inventory valuationdetail report can be customized to show this too.


1.      Go to Reports >Inventory/Items > Inventory valuation > Customize detail

2.      On the Edit columns page,Add in the field: Transaction serial numbers

3.      Go to the Filters page: Addthese filters

                Date Range: appropriate date range

   Transaction Serial Numbers (indicate the serial number that is missing from theitem record)

   Location: No Location

4.      Preview the report

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