Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mass Update Files/Documents to Set Available Without Login to False

First part is to export the files from the file cabinet.

1. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.

2. Edit the Folder of the files to update.

3. Click Download Button.

4. Save File to desktop.

Second part is to re-upload the files to the File Cabinet.

1. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.

2. Click Advanced Add.

3. Click Browse.

4. Locate .zip file from the desktop.

5. Click Open.

6. In the Destination Folder field, select the same folder where the file is stored.

7. Uncheck Make all Files Available Without Login.

8. Check Overwrite Files with Same Name.

9. Click Add.

Note: Enhancement 161264 has been filed for the ability to perform Mass Update on Files to set Available Without Login to False.

Update: Enhancement has already been released for the functionality of using Mass Updates for File Cabinets > Answer Id: 27658


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