Tuesday, September 11, 2018

NetSuite throws a "Passwords don't match" error when saving an Employee Record using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

"Passwords don't match" error appears when editing an employee record with login access using Firefox. The system throws the error upon clicking on Save.

3 possible alternate solutions are:

1. Disable the password manager in Firefox or User names and passwords on forms in Internet Explorer

a. Disable password manager in Firefox:

  • Navigate to: Menu > Options > Security
  • Uncheck "Remember logins for sites" check box
  • Click Close [X] icon

b. Disable User names and passwords on forms in Internet Explorer:

  • Navigate to: Tools > Internet Options > Content
  • Click Settings for AutoComplete
  • Uncheck User names and passwords on forms
  • Click OK button

NOTE: In order to save the current entity record the user will have to walk through option

2. Clear the Password field on the employee record

  • Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees
  • Click Edit next to the employee record
  • Click Access tab
  • Clear the asterisks (*) from the Password field
  • Click Save

3. Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome


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