Tuesday, September 11, 2018

No Items listed in Sales Orders and Purchase Orders when using Advanced Partner Role

Problem/Business Requirement/Unique Question:


·          Why are thereno items listed when viewing sales orders and purchase orders using Advancedpartner role?


Symptoms/Details of Business Requirements/Any Additional Information:


·          Customer is using standardor customized Advanced Partner role.

·          When customer views salesorders and purchase orders, there are no items showing.

·          The advanced partner rolehas been given View permission for sales orders, purchase orders and items.


Solution/Workaround/Gotcha/Recommendation Details:


·         Items are not set to beavailable to Advanced Partners

·         Set the Item records to beavailable to Advanced Partners by editing each item record and checking the Available to Adv. Partners box.

·         Mass update can also be used to edit all items and setthe Available to Adv. Partners box to true.

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