Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pass Upon Backordered Web Store Orders


If orders processed from the web store becomes backordered when the same is manually processed in NetSuite, consider the following:

 Web store orders must be associated to a Preferred Location as marked in the item record.  NetSuite determines the location that defaults on web store orders based on the preferred location set in the inventory record.

Location must be assigned on Per Line Item of sales orders inorder for the Preferred Location to automatically default on the transaction form. Orders are tagged by NetSuite as backordered because the Location field is set on the Header of the transaction form which means that the location value applies to all items selected in the transaction regardless of the preferred location.  

To have a default location on a per line basis, perform the following:

Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms.
2.  Click Edit or Customize next to the related transaction form.
3. Under the Screen Fields tab and Main subtab, unmark the Show checkbox next to the Location.
4.  Under the Screen Fields tab and Columns subtab, mark the Show checkbox next to Location field. This allows to show Location on a per line item instead of on a transaction header.

5.  Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site.
6.  On Shopping tab and Check Out Preferences portlet, select the customized sales order form on Sales Order Type field.


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