Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Prepaid Credit Cards in NetSuite

Users may post the following questions in relation to Prepaid Credit Cards:

  • Are Prepaid Credit Cards accepted in NetSuite?
  • Can these type of credit cards be used in the user interface or in E-commerce (webstore)?

Consider the following:


  1. PayPal Support verified that Prepaid MasterCard is treated the same way as regular Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa). The only difference is on the Address Verification System because normally prepaid credit cards do not have billing information.
  2. There is no indication on the PayPal manager if a card is a prepaid credit card or a regular credit card. They are processed the same way on the gateway.
  3. There is no test Prepaid MasterCard or test prepaid visa card number since there is no distinction on how a regular credit card or prepaid credit card number is processed. PayPal only have the regular test MasterCard and Visa numbers.
    • MasterCard - ****************
    • MasterCard - ****************
    • Visa- ****************
    • Visa- ****************
  4. Here are the payment gateways that support debit or prepaid credit cards:
    • PAYFLOW PRO- According to Pay flow Pro Support, they can process VISA and MasterCard debit cards just the same way with how they process credit cards. Restrictions though would apply on debit cards per card processor and issuing banks. As with Payflow Pro, debit cards may be processed on virtual terminal.
    • CYBERSOURCE -CyberSource currently supports PIN-less debit cards and prepaid credit cards.
  5. Some Information regarding Prepaid Credit Cards:
    • Also known as a secured credit card, a prepaid credit card is much like a regular credit card, only that the credit limit is generally lower than a regular card and that credit limit is based on a security deposit that the account holder must make in order to use the card. A prepaid credit card is different than a prepaid debit card in much the same way that a regular credit card is different than a regular debit card — a prepaid debit card deducts funds from the amount of money deposited into the account associated with the card whereas a prepaid credit card makes purchases on credit.
    • A prepaid credit card account is opened by depositing money into that account; much in the same way you would make a deposit to open a checking or savings account. Once the money has been deposited, the account holder is issued a physical credit card that can be used in the same transactions in which regular credit cards are permitted.
    • A prepaid credit card can be issued with no credit check thus people who were rejected after filling out a credit card application because of poor credit resort to getting prepaid credit card instead.
  6. Since this is not a debit card, users must set this up as a regular credit card payment method.
    • Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists
    • At the bottom part of your screen, locate Type dropdown and choose Payment Method
    • Click New
    • Enter the necessary fields to create a PREPAID CREDIT Card payment method
      • Name: Prepaid MASTERCARD or Prepaid VISA
    • Check Credit Card box
    • Select default bank account that auto fills the Deposit To field on transactions whenever this payment method is selected
    • Click Save



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