Monday, September 17, 2018

Prevent NetSuite to Create a New Case when an Out of Office Reply Is Received


  • Email Case Capture for Support Cases is enabled
  • User filed a case to support email address
  • Filer then goes out of office and set a vacation response (Outlook)
  • Support Rep then sends a reply to the filer of the case. An Auto-generated Out of Office email then replies back
  • New case created in NetSuite
  • Out of Office email reply continuously goes back and forth which then create new cases in NetSuite


If the company is using an Exchange Server for their support email address set at Setup > Support > Support Preference > Main Support Email Address, the Administrator of the company could:


1. Create a filter to block a specific keyword on the subject or body of the email or

2. Block the email address that sends the email.


Note: Enhancement 83501 has been filed for the ability to block out of office email replies from creating a new case.

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