Monday, September 10, 2018

Print Paychecks in Ascending or Descending Alphabetical Order

NetSuite prints the paychecks in the order that it is sorted in the Print Paychecks screen (Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms > Paychecks).


To print paychecks in alphabetical order:

1.      Navigate to Transactions > Management > Print Checks and Forms > Paychecks

2.      On the Print Paychecks page, select the bank account you want to print checks from

3.      Select and Fill out all applicable fields

4.      Click the header of the Payee column to sort by the payee name

Note : An arrow pointing upwards on the Payee header sorts the list in ascending order.  Downward arrow sorts in descending order.


To change order of preference, click the desired header column.


For complete reference of how to Print Paychecks, see Help Guide topic Printing Paychecks.

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