Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Reconcile Inventory Item Weight on Item Saved Search and Item Record.

Users may sometimes relate Weight field on the Item tab and Stock Units in the Item record when weight is set.

To illustrate:

1.    Create a Unit of Measure (UOM).

o    Pounds: LB = 1 conversation rate = base unit

o    Case: CS = 10

2.    Create an inventory item and set the following:

o    Stock Units: LB

o    Purchase Units: CS

o    Sale Units: CS

o    Item Weight: 12 lbs per CS

3.    Customize an item search and add Weight in Results tab.

4.    Navigate to Reports > Inventory/Items > Inventory Valuation > Customize Detail.

5.    Click Inventory folder and choose Weight in pounds.

Observe that the item search and the Inventory Valuation Report show 1.2 for item weight when in the item record shows 12. Since the Stock Units is per LB, the Weight must be displayed in Reports or in Searches based on the weight per stocking unit of an item.

The display on search shows the quantities in base units. If users want to display the items in different units, there is a need to create formula fields for changing the display.

Note: Users may attach their case to Enahncement 165536: Set weights on the item record and use this value as units for sale, purchase and stock when weight is used as the unit of measure.

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