Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Reconcile UPS Ground's Use Real Time Rates from Rates Calculated in UPS.COM.

There may be an instance where UPS Ground's Use Real Time Rates calculated in NetSuite are different from the rates calculated in UPS.COM for exactly the same item and package. To reconcile, perform the following:

1.    Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Shipping : UPS Account > UPS Pickup Type is set to Daily Pickup.

2.    Visit and recalculate the shipping cost. To recalculate, perform the following:

o    Navigate to Shipping menu > Calculate Time and Cost

o    Check Detailed Time and Cost

o    Enter the Ship from and Ship to Information, shipping date, number of packages, package dimension, package weight

o    On Additional Information: How will you get your package(s) to UPS, check the option button for "I will drop off my prepaid package(s)at a UPS location, or give my package(s) to my UPS driver" on the UPS website  and select Yes to the question Do you have a daily UPS pickup"

3.    At that point, compare the rates. The shipping rates shown in NetSuite is the same with the shipping rates in UPS website.



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