Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Reprint Employer Printed Paychecks and Direct Deposit Vouchers

ReprintEmployer Printed Paychecks and Direct Deposit Vouchers


Employer printed paychecks can be sent back to the printing queue inbulk through the payroll register.


1. Navigate to Lists> Accounting > Accounts

2. Click the Payroll Funding/Bank Account link


Note: Alternatively, payroll user can navigate toTransactions > Employees > View Individual Paycheck > Click Account link


3. Click the Print checkboxnext to the paycheck to be reprinted

4. Click the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen


Afterwards, this can be printed the same as the usual process


1. Navigate to Transactions> Management > Print Checks and Forms

2. Click the Paychecks link

3. Select the appropriate Account from the dropdown list

4. On the First CheckNumber field, enter the desired check number

5. Select CheckType if applicable to the role

6Click the Print checkbox next to thepaycheck to be reprinted

7. Hitthe Print button.


This option is available only for Employer Printed Paychecks.


The ability to re-print Direct Deposit Vouchers in bulk is beingtracked via Enhancement 300549.


Direct Deposit Vouchers cannot be reprinted this way, since theseare being posted as a lump sum amount on the Payroll Bank Account register. Thus, the printbox for each voucher is not available.


Asa workaround, Direct Deposit Vouchers can be re-printed individually bynavigating to Transactions > Employees > View Individual Paycheck. Thiswill give the user the list of all the paychecks, by which Print column/link isavailable.

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