Saturday, September 15, 2018

Save Mail to [Contact Name] is Not Available in Save Mail Options in NetSuite for Outlook

The option to Save Mail to [Contact Name] in the Save Mail button is only available to emails where the sender's email has already been synchronized and is existing in the Salesbook. There is no dropdown from Save Mail to XXX but a window will allow the user to search for the sender's email address or name through NetSuite.


To have this option, perform the following steps:

     1. Select an email in Outlook and copy the email address.

     2. Create a Contact record and name it as Test Contact in NetSuite then assign the email address.      

     3. Right-click NetSuite for Outlook icon in the taskbar.     

     4. Select Options > click Synchronization.     

     5. Click Customize.     

     6. Check Do not synchronize this record type for all record types (Customers, Tasks, Events, Phone Calls, Opportunities, Cases) except for Contacts.

     7. Set the following criteria: 

First Name = is Test 

Last Name = is Contact 

     8. Click Estimate, then click OK.     

     9. Click OK (ensure before clicking that Delete synched records in Outlook that no longer match filter criteria is not checked, in order not to have the problem of unintentionally losing records in Outlook).

     10. Click the NetSuite for Outlook icon to begin the synchronization.     

     11. After the successful synchronization, go to outlook and select the email mentioned in step 1.     

     12. Click Save Mail Salesbook or Save Mail to NetSuite

     13. If Save Mail to Salesbook is selected, the list of names will show up. Select where the email will be saved and hit OK button.

      14. If Save Mail to NetSuite is selected, another window will open which will allow the user to search in which contact record the email will be saved, Search by name, company or email. Click Find Matches button. Then select where to save and click Save to NetSuite.


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