Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Save/CSV Import transaction (Bill, Invoice, Purchase Order, Estimates, Depreciation, etc.) > Unexpected error: Transaction subsidiary YY is not valid for account XX / Invalid Account Reference Key for Subsidiary (INVALID_KEY_OR_REF Detail)


·        The numbers (YYand XX) found in the error arethe Internal IDs of the Subsidiary and General Ledger Accounts found in the NetSuite account

·        To view the records indicated in the error:

1.    Navigate to Home> SetPreferences > General tab

2.    Set Show Internal IDs = True

3.    Hit Save

4.    Navigate to Setup> Company> Subsidiaries to look up the Subsidiaryrecord (YY)

5.    Navigate to Lists> Accounting> Accounts to look up the GeneralLedger account (GL Account - XX)

·        To resolve the issue:

Option 1:

·        User can choose a different GL account that is Active and is shared to the Subsidiary record (YY) in thetransaction


Option 2:

1.    Navigate to Lists > Accounting> Accounts

2.    Make sure that the GL account isActive

3.    Edit the GL account record

4.    Perform either one of the following under the Subsidiary field:

·        Click on the Subsidiaryname if user wants to restrict account to just the subsidiary mentioned in theerror or

·        If user wishes to add the Subsidiary mentioned in the error to current subsidiary restriction of the account:

·        Highlight the RootSubsidiary then mark IncludeChildren = True or

·        Highlight the Subsidiary'sParent Subsidiary then mark Include Children = True or

·        Hold down the CTRLkey in the keyboard then highlight the Subsidiaryindicated in the error

5.    Save the GL account record

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