Thursday, September 13, 2018

Search Amount and Count of Sales Order Per Customer on a Per Item Basis

To display Amount and Number (Count) of Sales Order per Customer shown on a Per Item Basis on a search, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New.
  2. Click Transactions.
  3. Under Criteria tab and Standard subtab, set the following:
    1. Type = Sales Order
  4. Under Results tab and Columns subtab, set the following:
    1. Name : Group
    2. Number : Count
    3. Formula (Currency) : Sum : NVL(CASE {item} when 'Item Name' THEN {amount} END,0)
      For each column of item, add a new formula field, copy the above formula and change the 'Item Name' to the name of Item.
  5. Enter a name for the custom search.
  6. Click Save.

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