Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Set Comparative Sales Snapshot to Display by Periods.


To set Comparative Sales Snapshotsto display by periods, perform the following:

·        Navigate to Reports > New Report

·        Set Metric= Transactions

·        Click More Customization

·        Under the EditColumns tab:

·        Add Namefrom the Transactions folder > Accounting Period subfolder

·        Move the same field to the left-most column andmark Group box

·        Under the Filters tab:

·        Add filter for AccountName (GL-style)

·        Click Select Multiple button

·        Select the appropriate Sales accounts

·        Under the Sorting tab

·        Remove all fields

·        Add Start Datefrom the Transactions folder >Accounting Period subfolder

·        Rename the report

·        Click the Save and Create Snapshot button

·        Enter a portlet title

·        Mark Narrowand Wide Portlets checkboxes as True

·        Set the following in the Graph tab:

·        Xaxis = Accounting Period: Name

·        YAxis = Amount

·        Click the Savebutton

·        Navigate to Home > Dashboard

·        Click PersonalizeDashboard

·        Open the Report Snapshots folder > Custom subfolderin the Add Content portlet

·        Select the snapshot created

·        Drag the snapshot to the wide portlet

·        Click Setup

·        Set:

·        DisplayType = Graph

·        HowMany = Top 50

·        Click Save.

Notes: In order to compare data fromdifferent periods, repeat the above steps to create a separate snapshot forother periods.

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