Monday, September 17, 2018

The fax you recently sent through j2 to [...] did not go through because your email address is not registered for this service > Error Received when User Sends a Fax Through NetSuite

The Administrator needs to make sure that the Email address of the user who sends the fax is registered for sending faxes.

First step is to check the email address in NetSuite.

1.    Navigate to Setup > Company > Printing & Fax.

2.    Click the Fax tab.

3.    In the Send Faxes Using field, make sure eFax is selected.

4.    Take note the value of Registered Email Address field.

Second step is to check the preferences on the eFax web site.

1.    Logon to your eFax account at then click the Login link.

2.    Click Preferences and choose the Send Options tab (alternatively, click on the Change Your Preferences link).

3.    Make sure that the email address users have in the Registered Email Address field in NetSuite is listed in the Send Addresses field.

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