Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Unable to Direct Users to the Payer Authentication Page After Submitting Web Orders Using CyberSource.

Secure Credit Card Authentication Page

Please complete the authentication steps below to approve payment with this card.
      Page Not Found.

When users hit on Submit during checkout and are not directed to the Payer Authentication page due to the above error, perform the following:

1.    Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Credit Card Processing.

2.    Click Edit next to CyberSource.

3.    Mark Payer Authentication.

4.    Click Save.

Note: For Payer Authentication to process, user needs to enable the preference as well in their CyberSource Business Center.  Login to then go to Support > Contact Support. Users must create an E-ticket requesting to have the Payer Authentication enabled.  Once request has been submitted, users will receive an email from informing the status of the request.  The request will be completed within 24 – 48 hours.  Once it's enabled, users will see Payer Authentication field in the Tools & Settings in the business center.

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