Saturday, September 15, 2018

Unable to Find Projects and Project Tasks through Global Search

  • User has Full level of access to Projects , Project Tasks, Perform Search and Publish Search permissions
  • User's role has no Employee, Class, Department, Location, or Subsidiary Restriction
  • Project Managementfeature is enabled (Setup > Company> Enable Features > Company tab)
  • User can access Projects and Project Tasks through Lists> Relationships > Projects
  • When user searches for specific Projects and Project Tasks through Global Search, he gets No results found.

Solution 1: Add Customers permission to the user's role

1. As Administrator navigate to Setup > Users/Roles> Manage Roles > Edit the custom role.
2. Click the Permissions tab > Listssubtab.
3. Add the Customers permission and set the Level to at least View.
4. Click Save.

Solution 2: Make sure Projects and Project Tasks being searched are not linked to inactive Customers.

1. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Projects.
2. View the Project beingsearched.
3. Click the Customer linked to the project(Note: This requires the above permission).
4. From the customer record,click the System Information tab.
5. Locate the Inactive checkbox > set the Customer record back to active as needed.
6. Click Save

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