Thursday, September 13, 2018

Unable to Process Credit Card Transactions with Different Currencies

When users attempt to authorize or charge a credit card transaction, the error "A suitable credit card processor was not found for this transaction." may be encountered.

The user's credit card processor may have not been set up to process the currency associated with the transaction in question. In order to add/change the currencies the credit card processor is currently set up to process, perform the following:

1.    Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Payment Processing Profiles.

2.    Click Edit next to the Credit Card Processor in question.

3.    Select all appropriate currencies in the Charge Currencies multi-select field.
NOTE: This should include the currency associated with the transaction in question.

4.    Depending on the credit card processor, users may have to enter password to save any change.

5.    Click Save.

NOTE: The abovementioned solution may not work with all credit card processors (Example: PayPal).


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