Sunday, September 16, 2018

Unable to Search any Item using the Global Search Portlet on the Homepage Tab of the Web Store

If user is unable to search any item on the Homepage of the Web Store and using Global Search as its Search Engine, receives this error "Homepage Search: [Error processing dynamic tag getAttribute('sitecategory',x,'storedescription2') : record sitecategory 63 not found]":

In Setup  Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > Search tab > the following should be set to true:
Search Portlet:
Global Search = T
Search Form = F
Global Search:
Include Categories: T
Include Information Items: T
Category List Layout: - Default -
Item List Layout: - Default -
Search Form:
Search Link Form: - None -
Search Portlet Form: - None -
Item List Layout: - Default -
There are three alternate solution for this. Kindly see details below for reference. 
Work-Around 1:
A. Create a Presentation Tab to replace the Homepage Tab.
a. Login into NetSuite then navigate to Lists > Web Site > Tabs > New
b. Select Type = New Presentation Tab 
c. Put a Label Name = Homepage, Home, etc... and make sure that Display in Web Site = Yes
d. Click Save.
e. Visit the Web Store then search any item on the using the new Homepage tab created.
Work-Around 2:
A. Replacing of the 'Search Portlet Template'.
a. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Themes > Sidebars Tab > Search Portlet Template then replace the using the codes below:
Note: / The number indicates the Tab ID Number, (navigate to Lists > Web Site > Tabs > Mouse over on any tab and check the URL at the bottom part of the browser which is also called the Status Line.
b. Click Save.
Work-Around 3:
A. Replacing the 'Tab ID' so it will use different tab to search for the item.
a. On the code that shows the "" just replace the Tab ID Number (/ to use different tab to search for that items.

b. What will happen is, when the Homepage Tab Id = 1 and the Other Tab ID = 2 then you replace the code from / to / and save the changes, once users search the item on the Homepage Tab it will use and redirect the page to the Other Tab ID = 2 to search for the item.


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