Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Verify the Sandbox Account where the User is Currently Logged In

The user has multiple sandbox accounts. In the Choose Role page, all the Sandbox Accounts are listed but it does not show the unique ID, only the account number (assuming that the sandbox hasn't been renamed yet).

To verify the current Sandbox Account where the user is logged in, perform the following steps (Administrator role is required):

     1. - Navigate to Support
         - Click on Go to SuiteAnswers
         - Click on Contact Support by Phone

Note: the account number is for the account that is currently logged in. To see your sandbox account number, please ensure you are signed into your sandbox account and then follow the above navigation steps.
     2. Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information.
     3. In the Company Name field, update the account name (e.g. 123456 - Dev SB).
     4. Click Save.
     5. Perform the same steps for other sandbox account but make sure to use a unique name.

     For example:

  • 123456 - Dev SB
  • 123456 - Prod SB
  • 123456 - Dev Asia
  • 123456 - Dev US

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