Saturday, October 20, 2018

Add Time Field on Customer Service Report

User wants to see the time a support Case was created to track the service level targets. This is possible by adding a custom date/time field. Please see solution below:


Create Custom CRM Field:
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields CRM Fields > New.
2. In the Label field, enter a name or description for the field.
3. In the Type field, select Date/Time.
4. Set the following:

  • Store Value = T
  • Under Applies To tab
  • Case = T
  • Under Display tab
  • Sub tab = Main
5. Save as date created time field.

Perform Mass Update:
1. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > General > Case.
2. In the Mass Update page, set the following:

  • Criteria Tab
  • None
  • Results Tab 
  • Choose the preferred fields
  • Mass Update Fields Tab
  • Date Created Time field = {createddate} under the formula column
3. Preview mass update.
4. Click Perform Update.

Add Custom Date Field on Customer Service Report:
1. Navigate to Reports > Customer Service > Open Case Analysis > Customize Summary. 
2. Click customize.
3. Edit Columns > Open Support Cases folder.
3. Add date created time field.
4. Preview.
5. Save.


Note: Enhancement 182345 has been filed to have a column to indicate the time when the case was created.


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