Sunday, October 14, 2018

Assign a Task, Event or Phone Call to Multiple Customers

When users navigate to Activities > Scheduling > Event > New > Click Related Records tab, users can only assign this event to one customer record. However, there is a way to assign this to multiple customers by creating a custom field and set Record is Parent= T.

Here are the steps:
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields >
CRM Fields > New.
2. Enter Label (e.g. Custom Field - Multiple Select).
3. On Type = Multiple Select.
4. On List/Record= Customer.
5. Store Value= T.
6. Record is Parent= T.
7. On the Applies To tab, set the following fields checked:
• Task
• Phone Call
• Event

8. On the Display tab, use the options give below:
• Subtab= Main
• Parent Subtab= XXX
Note: where XXX - is one of the standard subtabs found on the customer record and users can apply it to show on any of those subtabs (e.g. Info tab)

9. Click Save.

Create an Event and select a specific number of customers where users want this record to be associated to. Below are the steps on how to test this.
1. Navigate to Activities > Scheduling > Events > New.
2. Fill out the Event entry form.
3. On the custom crm field, (In this example Custom Field - Multiple Select) select a specific number of customers. (e.g. Customer A, Customer B and Customer C)
4. Click Save.

When users access Customer A, B and C, users should now be able to see that single event record on those customer records under the selected subtab.

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