Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Charge Tax Based on Store or Company Location

If customers pickup the products/items directly from the store instead of you delivering the goods to your customers, you might need to charge a single tax code to all your customers based on your store location.

Assume that store/company location is in New York, New York.

To facilitate the tax lookup, the following preferences should be set under Setup > Accounting > Set Up Taxes:

  --Enable Tax Lookup on Sales Transactions = checked
  --Charge Out of District Sales Taxes = not checked
  --Default Tax Code = select the applicable tax item for the store/company location

--State-------------Home Tax Code
--NY-----------------select the applicable tax code for New York, New York

If a sales transaction is entered for a customer in NY, the system will automatically pull up the assigned Home Tax Code for the said state.  For sales outside the state, the system will pull up -Not Taxable-.

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