Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Create one Asset from Multiple Bills or Journal Entries

To automatically create one Asset record from a combination of Bills or Journal Entries:



Example: The Bill#1 for Computer - G&A will be created as an asset record and the Bill#2 amount of 500.00 for the Software would be included in the Asset Cost.


Bill # 1 - $1500.00 (Computer - G&A)


Bill # 2 - $ 500.00 (Computer Software)




1. Navigate to Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Proposal


2. Enter an Asset Type and Subsidiary. Click on Propose New Assets.


3. In the Proposed Assets tab, click Edit and open in a new tab the child proposal (Bill#2).


4. In the Asset Proposal screen > Parent Proposal field, select the Internal ID of the Parent Proposal (Bill#1). Click Save.


 - The Internal ID of the Proposal can be seen in the Asset Proposal screen ( Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Proposal)


5. In the Asset Proposal screen, hit Refresh.


**Note that only the Parent Proposal will remain (Bill # 1).


6. Mark the Select box.


7. Click on Generate Assets.


8. Navigate to Fixed Assets > Lists > Assets.




Note: Result: One asset is generated for a cost of $2,000.00

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