Friday, October 26, 2018

Create a sales order billing forecast showing the billing schedule amount per period/month.

Example: Customer wants to generate a sales order billing forecast report per month showing only the transaction numbers and the amount per month for certain periods (i.e. 1-Nov-2011 to 31-Oct-2012).  The amount per month should match the amount to be billed as shown on the History > Schedule of the sales order transaction.


1.   Go to Reports > Forecast > Forecast by Status Summary > Customize.

2.       In the Edit Columns, click Forecast folder.

3.       Choose the following column fields:

·          Transaction Number

·          Projected Amount

4.       Remove all other column fields except the two column fields above.

5.   Click on the Filters link.

6.       Enter additional filter below:

·          Report Component = Billing Schedule

·          Field = Billing Schedule : Name

·         Value = Filter : not empty

7.   Click Preview.

8.       Enter the date range (i.e. From: 1-Nov-2011, To: 31-Oct-2012).

9.   Set Column = Month.

10. Click Refresh.

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