Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Create Vendor Search for all Vendors without Transactions

This Vendor Saved Search lists non-active suppliers or vendors who were not billed on a specific date range:

1. Navigate to Reports > New Search.
2. Click on Vendor link.
3. Click on Create Saved Search button.
4. In the Saved Vendor Search screen, navigate to Criteria tab > Summary subtab and add
Summary Type = Sum
Field =  Formula (Numeric)
Description = is 0
Formula = Decode ({transaction.number},NULL, 1,0)
5. Navigate to Results tab > Columns subtab.
6. Set the following column fields:
-- Name; On the Summary Type column, select "Group"
-- Formula (Numeric); On the Summary Type column, select "Sum", On the Formula column, select Decode ({transaction.number},NULL, 1,0)

7. Rename the Search Title and click Save & Run.

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