Friday, October 26, 2018

Documentation that shows payroll withholding taxes are being kept up to date by NetSuite

Employee withholding taxes and any grayed out tax rate fields are maintained by the tax engine.  Editable tax rate fields such as State Unemployment have rates specific to your company and updates are payroll user's responsibility.

Note: If the grayed out tax rate fields are not updated, please contact NetSuite Customer Support.

To view the compliance guarantee for Premier Payroll Service, please click through the Terms of Service link found on Setup > Payroll > Update Payroll Information screen.

To review the editable tax rates, please navigate to Setup > Payroll > Set Up Payroll > Taxes tab. 

For complete checklist of payroll tasks, please see Employee Management > Payroll > NetSuite Payroll > Administering Payroll Transactions >  Performing Quarterly or Yearly Payroll Tasks

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