Monday, October 22, 2018

Extract the auto-generated ID from the customer ID in a customer record

This solution shows the formula to get the auto-generated customer ID in a customer record. Set it as the formula for the Set Field Value action in a workflow.  As an example, a customer record with a Customer ID of 'CU00015 John Smith' will return 'CU000015'. Auto-Generated Numbers feature must be enabled for and a custom free-form text field is already set to display on customer record type for this solution to work.


1. Create a workflow by navigating to Customization > Workflow> Workflows > New.


2. On the workflow summary, set the following:


---Record Type=Customer

---Sub Types=Customer
---Status = Released
---Initiation=On Update

---Trigger Type=Before Record Load

3. Create a state and add a Set Field Value action with the following settings:
---Trigger Type = Before User Edit
---Field= Select the custom field where you want to store the Customer Id to

---Formula: {entityid}.substr(0,{entityid}.indexOf(' '))

4. Save the workflow and open an existing customer record to test.

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