Sunday, October 21, 2018

Grand Total Amount is not available in the A/R Payment History by Payment report

The ability to display the Grand Total Amount in some reports including A/R Payment History by Payment and A/R Payment History by Invoice is currently logged under Enhancement Request #69993. 

As an alternate solution, users can customize the A/R Register report instead to determine how much total payment is received for a specific period.  The following are the detailed steps:

1. Navigate to Reports > Customer/Receivables > A/R Register > Customize (Administrator).

2. In the Report Builder page, name the report and do the following:
Edit Columns section:
-Add Grand Total box must be checked under the Amount Chrg/Amt Paid column.

-Group by Customer Name.

-Remove any unnecessary report columns.

-Add any other needed report columns.

Filters section:

-Set preferred date range.

3. Preview/Save the custom report.  The Amt Paid column returns the total payment received for a specific period.

NOTE: Users can further customize the report to add any other filters such as Transaction Type, depending on one's specific requirement.



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