Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Include Fringe Benefits or any Other Information in box 14 of W-2

Box 14 of the W-2 form is for other tax information.  Only few states have a requirement for this box on employees' W-2 form. 


In NetSuite, only the required data are shown in Box 14.  If they are not mandatory and the pay code type is not listed as a standard pay code, the user can include the tax information by:


1. Leave W-2 as it is and contact Customer Support to request for W-2c.  Please make the following information handy:

a. Employee name

b. Amount to appear in box 14

c. Description to appear in box 14

d. Legal Name of company

e. Tax Year



1.    Charges may apply for the W-2c request or for amending the returns.

2.    Examples are Personal Use of Company Car (PUCC per Enhancement 174132), Housing Allowance and ISO-ordinary income (ISODD per Enhancement 213557).


If user opted not to edit or amend the W-2, another alternate solution is to attach an explanatory statement or breakdown of amounts to the W-2.


For a complete reference of the earning and deduction codes that are mapped to Box 14, please see Help Article Using Standard Pay Codes and check the W-2 Box column.



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