Saturday, October 20, 2018

Keyword Field (Quick Search) that Filters the Values in a Custom Drop-Down Field

There are instances when searching through a long list of values on a drop-downfield will be time-consuming and confusing, and using nested lists forfiltering won't help either because parent-child relationship must be updatedperiodically.

For example, a company has a long list of office supplies (custom record type)that can be requested by their employees by submitting a case. Instead ofscrolling through a long list of supplies, users can just use a Supply Keywordfield to narrow down his search. The user can manually type "paper"in the field and the list will display only those supplies that contain theword paper on its name.

Below are the steps to achieve this:

A. Create a custom record type
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > RecordTypes > New.
2. On the Name field, enter Supplies.
3. Mark Include Name Field.
4. Click Save.
5. Under Fields tab, click the New Field button.
6. Enter Supply Name for Label.
7. Set the Type to Free-Form Text.
8. Make sure Store Value is marked.
9. Click Save.

B. Create sample office supplies
1. From the Edit Custom Record Type: Supplies page, click the ViewRecord link.
2. Click the New button to create the following office supplies (Name =Supply Name):

  • Paper Weight
  • Paper Clip
  • Bond Paper
  • Fountain Pen
  • Ball-point Pen
  • Cork Board
  • White Board
  • Black Board

C. Create custom case fields for the Supply Keyword and Supply
1. Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > CRMFields > New.
2. Set Supply Keyword as Label.
3. Set Type to Free-Form Text.
4. Make sure Store Value is checked.
5. Under Applies To tab, mark the Case checkbox.
6. Click Save & New.
7. For the second field, set Supply as its label.
8. Set Type to List/Record.
9. Set List/Record to Supplies.
10. Make sure Store Value checkbox is marked.
11. Under Applies To tab, mark the Case checkbox.
12. Under Sourcing & Filtering tab set the following:

  • Filter Using = Supply Name
  • Compare Type = contains
  • Compare To Field = Supply Keyword

13. Click Save.

To test, navigate to Lists > Support > Cases > New. Under Customtab, type "paper" in the Supply Keyword field. As aresult, you should only see Paper Weight, Paper Clip and Bond Paperfrom the Supply drop-down field and you can easily choose the supply youwant to request for.

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