Sunday, October 21, 2018

Mandate a User to Classify why a Prospect/Lead/Customer was inactivated

Follow the steps below to ensure that Employees are required to specify a reason why a certain Lead/Prospect record needs to inactivated. This feature is not yet available using default NetSuite functionality and is currently an Enhancement Request #183142

This is an alternate solution using Workflow Manager:

Step 1: Create a custom field for Inactive Reason
  - This is where users will be able to enter the justification why the record will be inactivated.
  - Deploy the field on Customer records

Step 2: Create a New workflow ( Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New)
  --Set Workflow Name
  --Record Type: Customer 
  --Sub Type:
    - Customer
    - Lead
    - Prospect
  --Release Status: Released 
  --Execute as Admin
  --On Update: T 
  --Trigger Type: Before Record Submit 
  --Create a new State 
  --Create a new Action = Return User Error 
      - <Custom Field> = empty (created field on Step 1) 
   - Inactive = Checked
      - Text = "Please specify a reason why this record must be inactivated."
  --Save the State

The User will be prompted to enter an Inactive Reason once the Inactive button is checked.

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