Friday, October 26, 2018

Maximum Serial Numbers Displayed in the Inventory Detail of Serialized Inventory Items

Users are only able to see 10,000 serial numbers in the Serial Numbers tab and Inventory Detail tab when the Advanced Bin Management is turned on even if there are more than 10,000.

1. There is actually no limit in the number of serial numbers that can be added for an item record.

2. The system only allows the display of 10,000 rows within an item record

3. Enhancement 176825 has been filed requesting for the ability to show more than 10,000 serial numbers

4. Create an Inventory Numbers search to see all On Hand serial numbers via:

o Reports > Saved Searches > New > Inventory Numbers.

o Add the following filters within the Criteria > Standard subtab:

Item = select the item

Is on Hand = Yes

o Hit Save & Run or Preview button


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