Sunday, October 28, 2018

Report or List to Show the Breakdown of Overdue Balance Found in the Customer Record

There is no standard report that would show the breakdown of overdue balance of the customers. A/R Aging Report includes all invoices even those that are not yet due.

You have two options t get the details of the overdue balance.

A) Customize the A/R Aging Detail.

  1. Navigate to Reports> Customer/Receivables> A/R Aging> Customize Detail.

  2. Click Filters > Choose Unpaid Receviables Transactions Folder > Select Age> Set Greater than or equal to 1.

  3. Rename the report title.

  4. Click Save.

B) Create a transaction saved search.

  1. Go to Lists> Search> Saved Searches> New> Transaction.

  2. Under Criteria tab> Standard sub tab> Filter, set the following:

   - Account Type: is Accounts Receivable

   - Customer/Job fields: Company Name: (enter the customer name under consideration)

   - Days Overdue: is greater than or equal to 1

  3. Under Results tab> Columns sub tab> Field, add the following:

   - Date

   - Number

   - Name

   - Account

   - Amount Remaining

   - Type

   Check "Show Totals" box.

  4. Rename the search title.

  5. Click Save and Run.


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